Tuesday, May 04, 2004

been very busy.... or something like that.

I was thinking about something funny that happened last year and wanted to share.

You know how all us Americans pulled out the red white and blue? Well, I decided to put ribbons on my car antennae. Not just any ribbon, I wanted fancy but discreet... So I picked some from the craft store and designed my own bow. Tied the three to my car and off I went. They were lovely, tiny streamers dancing in the wind! :O)

Well, a few days latter I was driving on the interstate when my daughter asked what was waving in the back window.... It was the unraveling string from my ribbons!!! They were soooo looong that they were almost touching the front window of the car behind me! My daughter unrolled her window and reeled it all in, all the while trying not to claim me as her mother ;O)

You would think that I could stay out of trouble!