Friday, April 02, 2004

LOTR =Lord of the Rings for those of you who want to know.

anyway, i am tired once again. i don't know if i was sane when i decided to work every other night and stay awake daylight between. i am sure to sleep most of my saturday once i crash. it is odd when you awaken from such a week, it messes with your orientation. for several moments when i wake up i cannot decide if it is morning or evening, a work day or if i just came in from work.... you get the idea. i have greater empathy for my disoriented patients when i feel that way.

i am beginning to prepare for several classes that i teach in the summer. i am a counselor at a camp and i teach scrap booking and a teen girl's Bible class. i have developed lessons just for this Bible class. I call them my blue bag lessons b/c the first time i taught them i made little blue bags for the girls to put items in. let me explain.

the lesson style is based upon parables and i found little items to illustrate the main point so the girls would have some thing to help them remember what was learned. like a lesson about tending to the little things in our lives like Bible study and prayer was likened to a loose button; if not tended to then it will be lost and the greater part of our lives will suffer and not be the same. so the girls chose unique buttons to place in their bags.

anyway, i am looking forward to the time spent in deep Bible study and the time with the girls at camp, as well as others. it is a very uplifting and edifying time for me.

well... like i said, i am zonked! (what a dated word!)

write if you want more info re the lessons; i'd love to share :O)