Friday, March 26, 2004

today i am working on learning how to leave a place for comments on this blog... funny how a few codes and scribble marks can change the whole setup of this page. makes me respect those who created and still continue to create these contraptions that have taken our world into a new era. The computer age! wonder what my future grandkids will see that has never been before!

well i haven't been working regularly, sleeping regularly, eatting regularly..... hummmm i see a trend!

i got up at 10:30 03/25/04 and i haven't been to bed yet, and my husband just wondered out of bed! he is a morning person (up at at 6AM and alseep in the chair by 10PM), i am obviously a night person (up at about 10AM and alseep whenever!) we meet at three in the afternoon to talk!! ;o)

i know several couples like us, those who married opposites when it comes to sleeping patterns, and i wonder why it is. mabe we are just gluttens for punishment. i mean it is really difficult to take a bubbly morning person when my eyes haven't even adjusted to the glare of the morning sun, and he doesn't understand why it is that my head clears and runs best after the sun sets. it is hard for me to keep my activity to a quiet roar at night so my house can sleep, but i find the computer easy to pass the time on (though my dog barks at a key stroke sometimes!)

i've asked him to stay up with me some night, just to give it a try.... but he knows that i won't reciprocate and get up at the crack of dawn.... but times like now.... we are both seeing the sun rise, from different perspectives true, but still 'together' is what counts afterall, don't you think?

i think i'll have a cup of coffee :O)