Thursday, March 18, 2004

so i was talking about speaking with my kids.... you know the way all adults are supposed to be all wise and knowing.... but i am not... in fact i tend to put my foot in my mouth, even when i am right.

for example:

the other day i was explaining to one of my daughters that when she goes to the Dr. that she needs to speak up for herself and that way the Dr. will help her more. well that is great advice but i followed it with this clever statement, "You know the squeeky patient gets the worm." clever? Ha!

statements like that give me away; expose me as a fake. a simple person just trying to deal with all that life sends my way. of course my kids think it is just too funny to let slide. and even if i am mad when it happens i find it hard not to give way to a bit of laughter, also. that is what the inside jokes of my family life is all about.

in retrospect isn't everyone of us guilty of such 'simple' things in life, and don't these mistakes make us more vulnerable to close knit realationships. just what HE had in mind, i am sure.

laugh at yourself, and i'm sure your family will be happy to laugh with you!