Tuesday, March 02, 2004

So I guess I AM alone here.... So I can say what is on my mind.

it is sometimes hard to be this person that I am. Among other things I am a "preacher's wife". A label that I don't like and have worked hard at not wearing. Not that I don't want to be married to a preacher.... but that I don't want to be ostracized that way. Do we call anyone else besides politician's wives ( sympathy to those also) by their husband's profession? Do I introduce my friend as the wife of my plumber, or the teacher's wife? Ugh.... and then there is the whole awkward silence that comes after the announcement , 'this is my preacher's wife.' this silence is no doubt b/c the new knowledge brings the hearer into a frenzy to recall what it was he/she had said to me prior to this enlightenment. *did I swear, use the Lord's name, gossip.....?* well, let me say, I am the happiest person that I am not the judge. And then may I also say, that those who worry about my judgment should be more concerned about what they have said in the presence of the All Mighty every day of their lives.

I like to deflect some of their anxiety by saying that I always watch what I say b/c my husband has a little black book,....... and crayon is hard to get erased!

needless to say, I am a devout Christian. But I am also an RN, a mother of 4 girls, and a modern day Lucy.

let me explain the latter. I have the nack of getting into the biggest messes...... they make great antidotes true but to the chagrin of my embarrassed husband (and sometimes kids).

for example:
I was at work, I always work midnights, and at 4AM I put my sandwich in the microwave to heat and left my unit to see a friend on another floor real quick. While I was gone the fire alarms went off.... I used the stairs to get back to my unit and followed all the usual fire drill protocol. When the "code red was all clear." I went back to work answering call lights, etc. Not long after then the fire men and the hospital's DON came thru looking for the source of the alarm and found my sandwich, or should I say my sandwich's remains in the form of ashes! How was I to know the silver paper wrapping on take out contains foil? I was not to live that down for some time.

there are many other examples.... but
I think I'll call it a night.
it is kinda' nice to have a place to just converse with the universe..... no reply needed. :O)