Friday, March 19, 2004

my life is just a test of the emergency broadcast network!

ugh.... three times this week i have been dressed to go to work, uniform and all and at the last minute i have been called off; flexed, as they call it. so i was ready for the emergency but not called to action.

if there really is a nursing shortage you would think that i would never be flexed. but the truth is the medical system is in constant flux, mostly due to bureaucracy. this time it is 'in house' and it is a mess! most of the staff, in the hospital i work at, has been affected by the changes and so far nothing good has come from it. i always wonder why people in general try to fix things that are not broken. and now many, including myself, are wondering whether to stay or go. i hate these decisions. God will provide a way, but until then i know my weakness will give way to worry.

well, how about another adventure from my past.....

i was going to Indiana one night to meet one of my daughters, who was riding that far with friends, and then i was to bring her home. well my travel time was miss judged and i ended up at the randomly chosen rendezvous exit at 3AM.... 3 hours early.... so i and one of my other daughters decided to park under a huge lot light just off the exit and doze. i awoke to tapping on my window.... it was a cop. and as i cleared my thoughts of, 'what was he doing and where was i', i also realized that there was a local, a state and a sheriff's car, an ambulance, a fire truck and several other flashlights beaming into my car. all the emergency lights were flashing as if there was a midnight parade! after nervously explaining all the good reasons to be there in the wee hours of the morning and the officer saying that someone had called to report a woman slumped over her steering wheel.... my daughter and i meekly drove out of the parking lot. we were left with one question. just how long were they all watching me snore and her drooling before they decided to find out why? :O)

and you think Lucy could get into a pickle!