Wednesday, March 24, 2004

i was on call to work tonight ... now i am sitting with one pt. ok, i get payed no matter, so every once in a while i get an easy shift, makes me smile! :OD

so of course i am bored..... another story from my crazy life? thought you'ld never ask!

I was taking my kids home, i only had two at the time, one and three years old. and my three year old was buckled in the front. curiosity got the best of her and even though i told her not to she pulled the door handle and it opened. of course i pulled off the main road and got out, took her out and scolded her, put her in the back seat and buckled her in then shut the door. when i returned to the driver's side door, it was locked, as were all the doors! car still running with the AC, thankfully, since it was summer in FL. i was trying to get my three year old to open the door.... wich you remember, i had just told her never to do!, when the lady in the house i parked in front of came out, went back inside and came out with candy and Coke.... she showed it to my daughter repetatively saying in a thick foreign tone,(german?) "cokie-cola, gumdrops, open thee door!"

along came a jogger who offered to go to my husband's work about a mile away and get my husband's spare key. he was to tell him my name and my husband would believe him!

meanwhile another person with a stroller came by and went home and called 911.
the fire department from two blocks away came all decked out, took my name and specs (i was sure i was going to be in the news!) they opened my car.

i waited fro the guy who went to get the key.... he said my husband said, 'i wouldn't soon live this down!'

my kids were fine, my youngest got bored and went to sleep while my 3 year old enjoyed the show of attention and the coke and gumdrops!!

now you don't feel so bad about when you've locked your keys in your car, huh? ;O)