Sunday, March 28, 2004

i had such a nice day today. went to see LOTR. was i glad i got to see it in the theater!!! it was great. but my day was even better b/c i spent it with my 2nd daughter. i love my kids like all good mothers, but i also like them and when i get to spend time with them, it makes my day!

don't get me wrong, motherhood isn't all roses, i have been reminded frequently about a few not so golden moments in motherhood.... those times that i just have to accept that i'm not in the running for mother of the year.

for example the time that i was napping in the livingroom durring the day (my kids were still little), having been up all night, and my oldest asked me if they could have a piece of bread for lunch. i don't remember saying yes.... but that is all they had; i tought her to at least ask for a sandwich!!

and like when one of my kids asked from the other room if she had to eat the skin of the baloni.... i said, "yes" but later found out it was the red plastic she was talking about. someday when she needs her appendix out it will be full of the odd things she liked to eat, like crayons and pennies, but it will also be tied with a red ribbon!

i've had lots of moments like these. my kids are making a list and threatening to take them on the oprah show some day!

i say go ahead.... i could use the sympathy ;O)