Wednesday, March 03, 2004

how hard can it be to figure out what to say?...... i mean like when you are just going along in life and growing older and learning from your mistakes.... why is it so easy to stick your foot in your mouth? it is not easy raising kids is it? ugh! I thought by the time i reached forty that i would have a bunch of answers and that life would just run so much more smoothly. but i don't and it doesn't! it is ugly and disappointing and hard a lot of the time. i find this so unexpected!

i don't know.... maybe if i wasn't so tired... i worked last night and stayed up all day.... *zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*

and maybe if i could just slow my mouth down long enough to think about what i should say instead of what i just said!

don't you just want to scream sometimes?

i did that once, i went out and screamed at this huge old oak in the middle of no where. it was a great release of some very old baggage. i recommend it, in that fashion and in that way!

gotta' go
just in case you care