Monday, March 14, 2005

fall colors are my favorite!
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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

been very busy.... or something like that.

I was thinking about something funny that happened last year and wanted to share.

You know how all us Americans pulled out the red white and blue? Well, I decided to put ribbons on my car antennae. Not just any ribbon, I wanted fancy but discreet... So I picked some from the craft store and designed my own bow. Tied the three to my car and off I went. They were lovely, tiny streamers dancing in the wind! :O)

Well, a few days latter I was driving on the interstate when my daughter asked what was waving in the back window.... It was the unraveling string from my ribbons!!! They were soooo looong that they were almost touching the front window of the car behind me! My daughter unrolled her window and reeled it all in, all the while trying not to claim me as her mother ;O)

You would think that I could stay out of trouble!

Monday, April 05, 2004

Hello to Mom and Mom's blogees.

Well I just finished my rough draft on Melville--that has to be the very hardest paper I have ever written. Let me clarify finished...I have about an hour of editing, plus works cited page and formatting left to do. All I can say is, if I don't get an A on this paper I think I actually WILL go to the dean about it. I have worked so hard on it, I know Ruzich or Marshall or practically any other teacher would give me an A...but I'm not sure about Kester. Oh well.

Maybe I can take K on Friday...oh wait, K is off then too! Easter Break! Hooray! We should do something together. K mentioned wanting another chicken salad from Bob Evans, and I wouldn't say no to some catfish...teehee.

Well, I guess I'll get back to Melville and methodic mayhem. Saying of the day: A man said to the universe, "Sir, I exist." "However," replied the universe, "The fact has not created in me a sense of obligation." --Stephen Crane

Friday, April 02, 2004

LOTR =Lord of the Rings for those of you who want to know.

anyway, i am tired once again. i don't know if i was sane when i decided to work every other night and stay awake daylight between. i am sure to sleep most of my saturday once i crash. it is odd when you awaken from such a week, it messes with your orientation. for several moments when i wake up i cannot decide if it is morning or evening, a work day or if i just came in from work.... you get the idea. i have greater empathy for my disoriented patients when i feel that way.

i am beginning to prepare for several classes that i teach in the summer. i am a counselor at a camp and i teach scrap booking and a teen girl's Bible class. i have developed lessons just for this Bible class. I call them my blue bag lessons b/c the first time i taught them i made little blue bags for the girls to put items in. let me explain.

the lesson style is based upon parables and i found little items to illustrate the main point so the girls would have some thing to help them remember what was learned. like a lesson about tending to the little things in our lives like Bible study and prayer was likened to a loose button; if not tended to then it will be lost and the greater part of our lives will suffer and not be the same. so the girls chose unique buttons to place in their bags.

anyway, i am looking forward to the time spent in deep Bible study and the time with the girls at camp, as well as others. it is a very uplifting and edifying time for me.

well... like i said, i am zonked! (what a dated word!)

write if you want more info re the lessons; i'd love to share :O)

Sunday, March 28, 2004

i had such a nice day today. went to see LOTR. was i glad i got to see it in the theater!!! it was great. but my day was even better b/c i spent it with my 2nd daughter. i love my kids like all good mothers, but i also like them and when i get to spend time with them, it makes my day!

don't get me wrong, motherhood isn't all roses, i have been reminded frequently about a few not so golden moments in motherhood.... those times that i just have to accept that i'm not in the running for mother of the year.

for example the time that i was napping in the livingroom durring the day (my kids were still little), having been up all night, and my oldest asked me if they could have a piece of bread for lunch. i don't remember saying yes.... but that is all they had; i tought her to at least ask for a sandwich!!

and like when one of my kids asked from the other room if she had to eat the skin of the baloni.... i said, "yes" but later found out it was the red plastic she was talking about. someday when she needs her appendix out it will be full of the odd things she liked to eat, like crayons and pennies, but it will also be tied with a red ribbon!

i've had lots of moments like these. my kids are making a list and threatening to take them on the oprah show some day!

i say go ahead.... i could use the sympathy ;O)

Friday, March 26, 2004

today i am working on learning how to leave a place for comments on this blog... funny how a few codes and scribble marks can change the whole setup of this page. makes me respect those who created and still continue to create these contraptions that have taken our world into a new era. The computer age! wonder what my future grandkids will see that has never been before!

well i haven't been working regularly, sleeping regularly, eatting regularly..... hummmm i see a trend!

i got up at 10:30 03/25/04 and i haven't been to bed yet, and my husband just wondered out of bed! he is a morning person (up at at 6AM and alseep in the chair by 10PM), i am obviously a night person (up at about 10AM and alseep whenever!) we meet at three in the afternoon to talk!! ;o)

i know several couples like us, those who married opposites when it comes to sleeping patterns, and i wonder why it is. mabe we are just gluttens for punishment. i mean it is really difficult to take a bubbly morning person when my eyes haven't even adjusted to the glare of the morning sun, and he doesn't understand why it is that my head clears and runs best after the sun sets. it is hard for me to keep my activity to a quiet roar at night so my house can sleep, but i find the computer easy to pass the time on (though my dog barks at a key stroke sometimes!)

i've asked him to stay up with me some night, just to give it a try.... but he knows that i won't reciprocate and get up at the crack of dawn.... but times like now.... we are both seeing the sun rise, from different perspectives true, but still 'together' is what counts afterall, don't you think?

i think i'll have a cup of coffee :O)

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

i was on call to work tonight ... now i am sitting with one pt. ok, i get payed no matter, so every once in a while i get an easy shift, makes me smile! :OD

so of course i am bored..... another story from my crazy life? thought you'ld never ask!

I was taking my kids home, i only had two at the time, one and three years old. and my three year old was buckled in the front. curiosity got the best of her and even though i told her not to she pulled the door handle and it opened. of course i pulled off the main road and got out, took her out and scolded her, put her in the back seat and buckled her in then shut the door. when i returned to the driver's side door, it was locked, as were all the doors! car still running with the AC, thankfully, since it was summer in FL. i was trying to get my three year old to open the door.... wich you remember, i had just told her never to do!, when the lady in the house i parked in front of came out, went back inside and came out with candy and Coke.... she showed it to my daughter repetatively saying in a thick foreign tone,(german?) "cokie-cola, gumdrops, open thee door!"

along came a jogger who offered to go to my husband's work about a mile away and get my husband's spare key. he was to tell him my name and my husband would believe him!

meanwhile another person with a stroller came by and went home and called 911.
the fire department from two blocks away came all decked out, took my name and specs (i was sure i was going to be in the news!) they opened my car.

i waited fro the guy who went to get the key.... he said my husband said, 'i wouldn't soon live this down!'

my kids were fine, my youngest got bored and went to sleep while my 3 year old enjoyed the show of attention and the coke and gumdrops!!

now you don't feel so bad about when you've locked your keys in your car, huh? ;O)

Friday, March 19, 2004

my life is just a test of the emergency broadcast network!

ugh.... three times this week i have been dressed to go to work, uniform and all and at the last minute i have been called off; flexed, as they call it. so i was ready for the emergency but not called to action.

if there really is a nursing shortage you would think that i would never be flexed. but the truth is the medical system is in constant flux, mostly due to bureaucracy. this time it is 'in house' and it is a mess! most of the staff, in the hospital i work at, has been affected by the changes and so far nothing good has come from it. i always wonder why people in general try to fix things that are not broken. and now many, including myself, are wondering whether to stay or go. i hate these decisions. God will provide a way, but until then i know my weakness will give way to worry.

well, how about another adventure from my past.....

i was going to Indiana one night to meet one of my daughters, who was riding that far with friends, and then i was to bring her home. well my travel time was miss judged and i ended up at the randomly chosen rendezvous exit at 3AM.... 3 hours early.... so i and one of my other daughters decided to park under a huge lot light just off the exit and doze. i awoke to tapping on my window.... it was a cop. and as i cleared my thoughts of, 'what was he doing and where was i', i also realized that there was a local, a state and a sheriff's car, an ambulance, a fire truck and several other flashlights beaming into my car. all the emergency lights were flashing as if there was a midnight parade! after nervously explaining all the good reasons to be there in the wee hours of the morning and the officer saying that someone had called to report a woman slumped over her steering wheel.... my daughter and i meekly drove out of the parking lot. we were left with one question. just how long were they all watching me snore and her drooling before they decided to find out why? :O)

and you think Lucy could get into a pickle!

Thursday, March 18, 2004

so i was talking about speaking with my kids.... you know the way all adults are supposed to be all wise and knowing.... but i am not... in fact i tend to put my foot in my mouth, even when i am right.

for example:

the other day i was explaining to one of my daughters that when she goes to the Dr. that she needs to speak up for herself and that way the Dr. will help her more. well that is great advice but i followed it with this clever statement, "You know the squeeky patient gets the worm." clever? Ha!

statements like that give me away; expose me as a fake. a simple person just trying to deal with all that life sends my way. of course my kids think it is just too funny to let slide. and even if i am mad when it happens i find it hard not to give way to a bit of laughter, also. that is what the inside jokes of my family life is all about.

in retrospect isn't everyone of us guilty of such 'simple' things in life, and don't these mistakes make us more vulnerable to close knit realationships. just what HE had in mind, i am sure.

laugh at yourself, and i'm sure your family will be happy to laugh with you!


Wednesday, March 03, 2004

how hard can it be to figure out what to say?...... i mean like when you are just going along in life and growing older and learning from your mistakes.... why is it so easy to stick your foot in your mouth? it is not easy raising kids is it? ugh! I thought by the time i reached forty that i would have a bunch of answers and that life would just run so much more smoothly. but i don't and it doesn't! it is ugly and disappointing and hard a lot of the time. i find this so unexpected!

i don't know.... maybe if i wasn't so tired... i worked last night and stayed up all day.... *zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz*

and maybe if i could just slow my mouth down long enough to think about what i should say instead of what i just said!

don't you just want to scream sometimes?

i did that once, i went out and screamed at this huge old oak in the middle of no where. it was a great release of some very old baggage. i recommend it, in that fashion and in that way!

gotta' go
just in case you care